We are a lively, enthusiastic, contemporary church, drawing people from across the country. We love a celebration and have been blessed to capture so many along the way. Here are some photo’s of our fond memories.



Wedding of Ruth Lanham & Neil Wright

Ruth and Neil had a doubly special day. Not only did they unite under God’s blessing but they were able to experience being the first couple to marry in the Mission. It was a special day which was shared by many family and friends.

Dedication of Jenna Berry

Jenna’s mother, Suzanne, started to attend Leamington when she was a student at Aston University and so has been with us from the beginning. Jono and Suzanne grew closer together whilst doing voluntary work in Uganda. They all attend Leamington Mission on a regular basis and join together with their..Read more

Wedding of Juliana Tang & Peter Hickey

On the 16th of June 1997, Peter & Juliana got married. Juliana was very pleased that her father could travel from Singapore to give her away. It was a quiet wedding with just close friends and family involved.

Daniel Pearce & Samantha Woodyatt’s Baptism

The church was only at the beginning of its renovation journey but this didn’t stop Dan and Sam’s wish to be baptised. Friends and family enjoyed this unusually fantastic baptism.

Mat Woodyatt, Emma Dixon, Kristina Pearce & Peter Tang-Hickey’s Baptism

First to be baptised at the Mission’s newly dug baptistry. There are fond memories of Peter requesting to be baptised whilst helping to dig the baptistry. People were very encouraged to continue digging.

Dedication of Jai Wall

Jai was one of the first babies to be dedicated in the Mission whilst his father, David, was studying at Warwick University Business School. David and Yolande were very proud to welcome their first born into the world.