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Newsletter 62


* Over the past term and a half, New Generation have been developing a partnership with Kings School, a local English-speaking primary school. The partnership is called ‘Hand in Hand’.

* Every Wednesday afternoon a small team from New Generation take a group of children to the school for 2 hours of hands-on learning and discovery. This should give you an idea of what it looks like…

* We start with numeracy games, checking understanding as we go, and then sit together for a Bible story. We’re using the ‘Jesus Storybook Bible’ as our framework for this, and are teaching the kids about God’s great story for mankind, and their part in it. We’re currently looking at different leaders who were chosen by God – very pertinent as New Generation’s vision is to grow leaders with Christian values….

* Using the Bible as a starting point we then go onto a learning activity. So far we’ve made shadow puppets after investigating transparency and opacity (God said “let there be light!”); investigated how our heart works (God creates man); investigated what things sink or float and why (the story of Noah); and how to make different colours by mixing the primary colours (the story of Joseph), among other things.

* We want these children to not only develop problem-solving skills, but also to learn new ‘heart concepts’ about who God is and how He wants to be involved in their lives.

* The Hand in Hand project is part of the wider Gir’Iteka work of New Generation (working with former and current street children), with the goal of providing opportunities for these children to attend school, develop leadership and other skills. The Gir’Iteka team also provides food and shelter to the most vulnerable. Please pray with us as I, Catherine, invest in this fantastic, multicultural team (Burundian, Congolese and British!) so they are confident to deliver and expand the Hand in Hand programme by themselves.

Praise & Prayer

* Praise for a good time with family in the UK for Cath

* Pray for training of folk to run the Hand in Hand programme

* Pray for the trainings for the Christian mentoring programme at Oasis church

* Pray for me, Stephen, as I continue to share, teach and mentor, both groups and individuals.

* Continue to pray for CECCA16 leadership and the nation of Congo, with the possible presidential elections later this year. Particularly for the Kasai Area, which has seen more than 400 killings and over 200,000 people displaced since last August.

WEC Arrival!

* We welcomed Lydie on the 12th March!

* Lydie is joining us in the WEC DR Congo team, which will initially be based in Burundi. She’ll be working up-country in a clinic in Bukeye, about 1 hour out of Bujumbura.

* We are looking forward to learning and praying together, and we look forward to seeing what God will do in this next season!


* Oasis Christian Center is setting up a mentoring system for the older teenagers and young adults.

* With so many pressures on this age group, and with many of the teenagers at the church not having families, a group of us with the church leaders have developed a mentoring system where older, more mature Christians befriend and mentor these young folk.

* Both of us have been involved in planning and delivering the training over 4 Saturdays in March and April. Please pray that we are wise and culturally-sensitive in the way we teach and share, and that those training to be mentors would develop God’s heart for the young people.

The beginning of 2017 has been rather busy, with I, Cath, returning briefly to the UK following the death of my grandmother, and a lot of up-country visits here in Burundi.

It has not always been easy to minister out of a place of rest, and Cath in particular has been wiped out for a few days with various viruses.

Thankyou all so much for your prayers and encouragement. We really value your input into our lives and work!

God bless you!
with love,
Stephen & Catherine

Newsletter 62

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