Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain beliefs to be the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs constitute the church's understanding and expression of the Scripture.

The name Seventh-day Adventist speaks of two key beliefs that characterise who we are.

The Seventh-day refers to God's Sabbath day, a day given to us by God in which to build our relationship with Him and with others.

The term Adventist refers to the Advent, otherwise known as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, promised in Scripture, and soon to take place.

Seventh-day Adventists choose to lead a disciplined lifestyle, that helps us to keep following the path towards Christ. This includes regular prayer and bible study, a healthy diet and mind, and good Christian behaviour towards our neighbours.

In a nutshell, Seventh-day Adventists are people who want to grow in their relationship with God, and carry and share the hope of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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