Why visit us

There are many reasons why you might like to join us.
Here are some of the main ones:

First Service Activities:

(10am Saturdays)

Adult Sabbath School

The adult Sabbath school is for anybody who wishes to take part in some challenging open bible studies. This class, usually taught by a team of experienced Christians, is all about growth! Encouraging study, contemplation, open-mindedness, understanding and expansion; Adult Sabbath school is a place to grow and share in the Lord, through the wisdom and experience of the bible. This class usually has three groups investigating a different topic and in a different way, so you can choose the group that fits with you best.

Student Class

The student class is taught to older teens and younger adults who may be at college or university. This class is all about development! Building on a foundation that has already taken the leap of faith to accept Jesus, this class examines the teachings of the bible on how to take the next step. This class teaches how to be a good Christian influence to other members of the community, and how to approach the responsibilities of adulthood with a positive Christian attitude.

Youth Sabbath School

The youth Sabbath school is taught to teens at different levels of Christian development. This class is all about direction! Exploring Christianity from many contemporary angles, this class tackles issues that teens face as they approach the crossroads in their life. This class teaches commitment, responsibility, faith, maturity and wisdom where a life's experience is still under development.

Primary School

The primary class is taught to children, aged 7-12. This class is all about imagination! Transforming worship into crafts, songs and stories to facilitate learning; primary class if a fun place to learn about Jesus and the bible.

Kindergarten class

The kindergarten class is taught to infants, aged 4-6. This class, usually taught by a team of parents, is all about discovery! Making learning fun through activities such as crafts, songs and stories; kindergarten is a nourishing place in which to develop.

Cradle Roll

The cradle roll is taught to babies and toddlers, aged 0-3. This class, usually taught by a team of parents, is all about stimulation! Transforming worship into instrumental sounds and interactive stories, cradle roll is an encouraging place to take your first steps into the Christian life.

Main Service Activities:

(11am Saturdays)

Prayer Time

The prayer time is a means of communicating directly with God. This time is very often open to the congregation, to request prayers communally. It is a time all about reflection! This time enables us to strengthen our relationship with Jesus, praise the good work that God is doing in our lives, and ask him for help in times of distress and concern.

The Music

The music at the mission is contemporary and upbeat, and delivered either through the contermporary band, or through smaller arrangements. Open for anybody to bring an instrument and play along, it is a time all about rejoicing! This time of praise is an uplifting celebration of the promise Jesus has give to us.

The Sermons

The sermons delivered in the main service are preached by our pastor, visitors and lay-preachers within the church membership, and is a time all about discipleship! This helps to keep our messages varied and diverse, as well as enabling everybody to share their thoughts.

Special Service Days

Special service days include communions, baby dedications, baptisms, weddings, funerals, and more. They are a time all about commitment! Through Jesus, we are promised salvation through faith, and as He has committed to us, we must be committed to Him.


Friendship and Socials

Friends provide happiness - and that's something that cannot be bought. But fortunately, through our strong church community, it is something that is readily available to all who come along. It is an emotion all about belonging! And socials are of course the vehicle through which friendships can advance and have fun together.

Small Groups

Small groups are a cross between friendship and bible study. It is an activity all about encouragement! This activity allows Christians to study the bible together, as well as meet up outside of church for regular fellowship, and often a dinner together! For more information, see our small groups page.

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Community Involvement

The ultimate purpose of the church is to serve the community and bring them closer to Jesus Christ; through example, teaching, and worship. It is an activity all about support! As part of our service to help the community, the Mission runs regular church services, toddler groups, kid's clubs, and bible study courses.ead more about what we do in our community.

Read more about what we do in our community.


The Mission is involved in many charitable activities throughout the year. It is an activity all about sharing! As well as supporting the relief agency ADRA UK, we sponsor children in developing countries through the charity Compassion, we also support a number of internal missions around the world, and many more deserving causes.